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N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9
N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9
N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9
N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9
N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9

N95 Protective Masks - Pack of 9

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N95 Protective Masks ā€“ Pack of 9

As a company, we find it very sad that many people are finding it hard to buy a good protective mask because many places are selling out or marking up their prices way too high! We have done the opposite, we have marked down our prices as far as possible and eliminated the coast of shipping for you meaning FREE SHIPPING!

As theĀ global death tollĀ for the coronavirus is rising, theĀ world health organisationĀ has declared it a global emergency withĀ high threat.

We supply theĀ highest quality,Ā five layered protective masksĀ specifically designed to protect you from viruses such as the coronavirus.

Due to the super high demand and the very limited stock we strongly advise you to order yours ASAP!

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Surgical masksĀ don't protect you from the coronavirus as they are too loose on the face thus the very small particles of the virus could get through. Our masks are filtering out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

These Protective Mask prevents you from breathing in bacteria, virus and protects your respiratory system from air-pollution You can of course use them when youā€™re traveling and we strongly advice to do so at the moment.


āœ… Adjustable and flexible: can be adapted to any face and nose

āœ… Adaptable with other protective equipment

āœ… Made in non-woven fabric: keeps the pollutants away

āœ… Increased filtration with the inner filter

āœ…Protects againstĀ coronavirusĀ and other airborneĀ viruses andĀ infections

āœ…FiveĀ layeredĀ filtered protection

āœ…Also protects fromĀ pollution, germsĀ andĀ contaminations

āœ…SoftĀ andĀ comfortableĀ material

How to wear correctly

    1. Clean your handsĀ with soap and water, or hand sanitiser
    2. Hold mask with theĀ stiff bendable strip on top, and theĀ coloured side facing outwards
    3. Hold the mask by the ear loops, and place a loop around each ear.
    4. Pinch the nose stripĀ to conform to the shape of your nose.
    5. Pull the bottom of the surgical maskĀ over your mouth and chin.

    Production specification

    āœ… 9 Masks per Pack

    āœ… Material: Non-woven organic cotton

    āœ… Size: 20*10*3cm / 7,87*3.93*1,18 inches

    āœ… Use: small particles, virus, flu, anti-dust, anti-fog and haze


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